Should a girl change surname after marriage

change surname after marriage

It is common that after marriage, a woman takes up her husband’s surname. In India, it is said to be a sign of the changing social status for women. However, there are no hard and fast rules about whether a woman should change her surname after marriage. It is about personal choice, and it is up to the woman to decide what she wants to do.

The decision to change one’s surname can be an emotional one, especially if the person has built up a professional reputation. There are pros and cons to changing one’s name after marriage.

Changing surname could be seen as a feminist issue as it deprives the woman of her surname, which is often seen as an integral part of her identity. If the woman changes her surname, it may be difficult to find previous schools or employers when she needs to look for references.

While keeping maiden surname creates difficulty in integrating into new family documents (like voter card, ration card etc).

It is important for both partners to make an agreement on the issue before they get married, so that there are no surprises later on down the road.

Some people may feel more comfortable with their married name because it is more familiar to them, while others may prefer their maiden name because they may want to maintain a certain level of independence from their spouse or partner.

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