In Couple Republic, you will find two great tools, that would help you to make your life better as a couple.

Compatibility Finder | Money Manager

Compatibility Finder

Know your Couple Compatibility, built on knowledge from extensive research, and make your relationship bloom.

Just provide some details of you & your partner and our Proprietary Tool will provide you the compatibility on a scale of 10. Not just that, it will also compare your compatibility with thousands of couples across India.

The tool is built on findings of an exciting Nationwide Research among couples who are either in a relationship or broken up.

You can get your Customized Compatibility Assessment against expert consulting fee of 999. This includes finding of possible areas of differences and providing guidance on how to resolve those. Our experts go through the profiles in detail to prepare these specifically for you.

Money Manager

Managing Finances is critical for every family – More so when you are starting one.

Just download our Free, easy to follow Basic Excel Organizer. Create your Goals and the tool will help you plan and organize to attain those.

You can get more control with the Premium Organizer by paying a fee of 499. This includes ability to experiment with different financial instrument options.